How to Make Money Online

For those of you who would like to subsidize your income and make money online – You’re in the right place.

Some of my favorite ways to make money online are found on GPT (Get Paid To) websites where I participate in activities and complete offers whenever I log in.

My favorite websites include:


Swagbucks is the “amusement park” of GPT websites.  As a registered member, you have an opportunity to earn points called SB – You can redeem your SB for a variety of gift cards, including PayPal cash.

The people who manage the Swagbucks website know how to motivate this blogger to earn.

After you log in to Swagbucks – you can answer a daily poll, complete Encrave and Discover offers, watch videos, complete surveys, enter swag codes, play games, use the paid search engine and participate in contests.  Contests include; participation in a Team Challenge and completing Swago Boards where the participant will usually receive a *Swag Up bonus, if they meet the requirements.

300 SB is equivalent to $3.  A registered member can redeem points called SB for gift cards; including, a PayPal gift card; which is essentially, a deposit in your PayPal account.  A person must accumulate a minimum of 2500 SB before they can redeem them for a $25 PayPal gift card.  Other gift cards; such as, $3 gift cards are available if the registered member only has 300 SB.

Make Money Online

Swagbucks is usually very good to registered members.  Every year they’ve sent me a 50 *Swag Up Bonus for my birthday.

*What is a Swag Up Bonus?

If you’re not currently registered on the Swagbucks website – by all means, JOIN the fun.

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Acquire Gift Cards For Searching, Shopping and Completing Other Offers at Swagbucks.

Other legitimate GPT websites where you can make money online are:




Let’s learn and earn, together.