Swagbucks Review: Welcome to my Personal Experience

Many people have asked themselves – Is Swagbucks legit?  It has been for me so I now feel it’s my responsibility to offer an honest Swagbucks review.

I’ve been earning points (called SB) for over 6 years and they’ve always paid me.  That’s why I continue to go back, for more.  I’ve developed my own personal strategy for earning on that website.  As of 9/30/2017 I’ve earned over 887,000 points (called SB); which mean, Swagbucks has paid me over $887.

As a registered member of Swagbucks, I earn by watching videos and completing offers.  Everyone knows you can earn gift cards on the Swagbucks website.  One gift card that’s available is the $25 PayPal gift card; which is essentially a deposit in your PayPal account.

After I redeem 2500 SB for a PayPal gift card I can use that money to buy an eBay or Home Depot gift card from GiftCardsPlus.  I wait until I can benefit from doing this by completing the center square on a Swago Board or when you might be offered a bonus (on Swagbucks) for buying the gift card.  It’s not unusual for me to pick up a 100 SB bonus on Swagbucks for buying the gift card on GiftCardsPlus because the 2 websites are affiliated with each other.

After I receive an eBay or Home Depot gift card I can ‘click through’ Swagbucks Shop and Earn to use the gift card to shop online.  This choice will eventually show up as cashback in my Swagbucks account.

If you’re going to use this strategy be patient – because, it could take a little bit of time for your cashback to show up.  You can always check your account to see that the cashback is pending.

When my cashback is officially credited to my account – I will have more SB for my next PayPal deposit.  This is my personal strategy for earning when I spend.

It’s important to understand that you’re under NO obligation to spend money on Swagbucks.  You can still achieve your goal of receiving gift cards and PayPal cash if you invest your time, instead.

Please feel free to register and learn for yourself that it pays to be a registered member on Swagbucks.   Let’s learn and earn, together.

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Thank you and have a great day!