Make money online using a specific search engine

Make money online using a “paid to search” search engine.

Are you being paid when you use a search engine to research information on the internet?

We can all make money online doing things we usually do – for free.

This site was established for people who want to make money using ‘paid to search’ search engines to find answers to questions.  Sometimes people; like myself, are searching for answers to trivia questions.

Which websites offer ‘paid to search’ search engines?


You can request a check from Inboxdollars after you have a minimum of $30 in your account.  Other payment options are available. There are also other ways to earn; such as, clicking paid emails, watching videos and completing surveys and other offers. For every 4 searches you are rewarded on Inboxdollars.


Swagbucks is the “amusement park” of GPT sites because there are SO MANY ways to earn besides using the ‘paid to search’ search engine.  You won’t be paid for every search; however, you will receive SBs randomly when you search. Sometimes I get lucky.  Once you earn 300 SBs (equivalent to $3) you can redeem your SBs for a gift card.  Swagbucks offers a $25 PayPal gift card when you earn at least 2500 SBs.  300 SBs could get you a $3 Amazon gift card.


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You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at


GiftHulk is a GPT site where international members are welcome.  They also have a ‘paid to search’ search engine; however, you only receive hulk coins for searching once per hour.  You’ll receive 4 hulk coins per hour for searching and there are other ways to earn.  Earn a minimum of 5000 hulk coins to visit “the store” and redeem your hulk coins for a $5 Amazon gift card.  Other gift cards are available, as well.

I’d like to see all of us succeed with our blogging and affiliate marketing goals.