Swagbucks: How to locate and redeem Swag Codes

Each and every time you bump into – and redeem swag codes – you score free points (called SB) and that’s – the good news.

A swag code is a promo code that can be redeemed in 2 different places on the Swagbucks website.  The first place is the swag code field at the top of the site next to the search field.  The second place is in the swagbutton; which is also called, the extension.

Remember to enter codes in the swagbutton extension if you’re participating in a team challenge so you can contribute points to your team.

What is a team challenge?

There’s a small red dot showing on the swagbutton extension when there’s an active swag code; which is the easiest way for me, to stay on top of the codes.  You might have your own plan.

If you don’t like using the swagbutton all the time – you can disable it and enable it very easily.  If you’re using Chrome you would go to “more tools” and “extensions” to hide or show the swagbutton.  The swagbutton can be helpful for many reasons.

There are a few different “flavors” of swag codes:

1 – Stealth swag codes are unique swag codes that you cannot/should not share with others. Everyone has a different code so it doesn’t even make sense to share it.

2 – #ISpySearch swag codes are available via Twitter on Tuesdays.  There are a limited number of people who can redeem these codes and the competition is fierce.  These codes cannot/should not be shared, either.

3 – Swag Codes that are only for a specific region.  Some swag codes can only be redeemed by people from Canada and some can only be redeemed by people who live in the USA or a different country.  It’s not the end of the world if you try to redeem these codes; however, you might be disappointed if it isn’t valid for your region.

Also, make sure you don’t have a space before the first character of your swag code when you copy and paste it into the field.  If that happens – you’ll receive a message that the code isn’t valid.  Then you can delete the space and try again.  Some swag codes are expired and that’s the hard, cold reality we all deal with.

Have fun adding SB to your account by redeeming swag codes whenever they’re active.  If you’re not currently registered you can register now.

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