Swagbucks Team Challenge: How do the people on the leaderboards have so many points?

You haven’t lived until you experience a Swagbucks Team Challenge.

The people on the leaderboards are super-human.  They possess “over the top” extraordinary multi-tasking skills and use them to maintain their position.

To answer your question:

These “leaders” might be using desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones and they might also be sacrificing some sleep.  Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a significant person in their life who can “step in and click” if they need to take a bathroom break.  I know – too much information.

The leaders know they can watch videos, complete Encrave offers and tackle surveys at the same time.  It’s important to be careful because you could jeopardize your Swagbucks account if you try to double up on the same type of offer.  You don’t want to do an Encrave offer in one tab and open another tab to do another Encrave offer at the same time.  That would be a mistake on your part.

I’ve never been on the leaderboard in a team challenge; however, I’ve definitely made a contribution to my team.  I enjoy a good team challenge for a couple of reasons:

1- I like the fact that the folks at Swagbucks are motivating me to earn for a reason; other than, my own personal benefit.

2- I like the fact that registered members teach each other how to earn and navigate the Swagbucks website. The members are usually great at providing an answer to your question in the comment threads.  We all have opportunities to teach and learn by commenting in the team challenge “chat” during a team challenge.  Some people manage to form friendships with team members during a challenge.

During a team challenge you earn your individual Swagbucks and earn team points if you’ve taken time to JOIN A TEAM.  Everyone who participates in a team challenge AND earns a specific number of team points will benefit by receiving a Swag Up after the team challenge is over.

The sense of competition comes from knowing that members of the winning team win the most Swag Ups.

What are Swag Ups?

How can I “clear my cookies” when I earn on GPT websites without being logged out of the website?

Answer: consider the option called Vanilla Cookie Manager.

If you’re not currently a registered member of Swagbucks – Feel free to jump in and join the party.
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