A New Swago Board on Swagbucks – Aug. 28, 2017

What – in the world – is a Swago Board?

Swago Boards can be found on the Swagbucks website under the contest category.  The board contains a group of activities you can complete to earn a Swagbucks bonus.

You must join to earn spins, swagbucks and other stuff.

The specific Swago Board launched on Aug. 28, 2017 also includes the ‘spin and win’ feature.  Each time you complete a square you earn a specific number of spins.

The center square usually requires that you spend money at MyGiftCards Plus. Obviously, that would be optional, as well.

Spending money online is optional.  You can still benefit from completing your Swago Board without spending a dime.

With this specific Swago Board – You might want to add the Swag Button extension because you’ll need it to visit specific websites where you’ll activate the Shop and Earn feature.  The idea is to visit each store and activate the Shop feature via the extension.  The extension is very helpful when a new swag code is released because you’ll see a little red dot informing you that an active code is available.  You can easily enable and disable the extension whenever you want to.

After you complete an activity for a specific square – refresh your Swag Board page to see that the square is colored in.  Some squares require that you complete the activity using a mobile device.  You can skip those squares if you don’t own a smartphone.

After you’ve finished working on your Swago Board – check the patterns to determine which one you’d like to submit. You can only submit one pattern and when you do – that specific Swag Board party is over.

Your bonus points for submitting your board are automatically credited to your account.

Which countries are allowed to register and earn on the Swagbucks website?

If you’re not currently a registered member on the Swagbucks website; by all means – Jump in.

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